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Study Health and Medicine in Singapore

As you consider where you would like to go to university, you might possibly be thinking of another country. Whatever you decide, the important decision is to attend school somewhere. A university degree will stay with you for the rest of your life and will open up many options. One of the best fields to study is health and medicine. With the global population continuing to expand, there is a great need for new professionals to enter the field. Attending a world class institution will situate you well to have a competitive advantage as you enter the job market.

Some of the top universities in Asia, and the world, reside in Singapore. You will learn in state of the art facilities and be taught by some of the most renowned professors you will find anywhere. Graduates for Singaporean universities are highly regarded the world over, further enhancing your future job prospects.


Eligibility Requirements

Singaporean universities generally take into account a variety of factors when deciding the merit of your application. Academically, you will need to have completed a minimum of two A-Level subjects that have a general paper requirement. These need to be completed in one sitting. If you do not attend a secondary school that allows you to take such courses, then consider earning an International Baccalaureate Diploma. That will highlight your ability to excel during your time at university in Singapore. If possible, you can also sit for either the SAT or ACT exam. You will want to include that score with your application, as it will be considered as one factor upon which the university will base their final decision.

You will be expected to sit for a General English Exam during your first year of study while in Singapore. If you do not achieve an acceptable score, then you may be asked to sit through up to three additional English course lesson modules. These modules will not earn you credit towards your degree, so keep that in mind.


Cost of Studying Health and Medicine in Singapore

As you are exploring your options, if you are serious about going abroad for university, you will want to get your finances in order. The university will expect you to demonstrate that you have adequate resources. For this particular course of study, you can plan on an annual tuition expense of $55,450 Singapore Dollars if you have a grant from the Ministry of Education. With the absence of a grant, the annual fee will be just over $110,000 Singapore Dollars. On top of this, remember to account for additional course fees, lodging and food costs, and your travel expenses.



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