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About this course

The Culinary Arts curriculum focuses on classical and nouvelle French cooking techniques with hands-on classes that encompass knife-skills, stocks and sauces, Garde-Manger, and International and American Regional Cuisine.

The Culinary Arts program encourages students to be creative and artistic as part of the development of the full set of classical skills. Students will learn to prepare food with attention to balance of flavors, aroma and presentation. Routine practice of fundamental techniques and procedures ensures our students every opportunity to be successful in any culinary endeavor.

We cook, taste, and talk about food everyday in our cooking labs. We focus on using fresh, local ingredients, with an emphasis on seasonality and sustainable resources. In addition to building culinary expertise, we also focus on the management concepts necessary to be a successful Executive Chef, food service manager or culinary business owner. Personnel and financial management as well as menu design, inventory and cost control are all important parts of the training required to be a professional in the culinary arts.