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About this course

Be a resourceful, technology-savvy problem solver with a strong understanding of how people think. It’s an attractive combination to enter a career in law enforcement, the judicial system, or corrections.

Criminal justice has evolved to the point that it’s not enough to be good at solving crimes — law enforcement agencies want graduates who can help prevent crime and reduce recidivism with innovative programs and research. We take that approach with our program, giving you the theory and the critical thinking you’ll need to pursue a professional career in criminal justice or graduate study.

Hands-on experience is crucial. We have great relationships in the community to help get you volunteer placements for career experience and specialized training. We take that one step further and require an internship, too. There are so many ways for you to get involved no matter what you want to pursue after graduation. Want to specialize in cyber crime, corrections, forensics or another area? It’s all here, led by published faculty with terminal degrees.