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About this course

The Master of Arts degree in criminal justice (MACJ) at Wichita State University is housed in WSU’s School of Community Affairs. Intended to advance learning beyond the more general undergraduate educational curriculum, the MACJ expands the knowledge base of both graduating students and the administrative capacity of working professionals to optimally perform in their chosen careers in criminal justice. One of the nation’s oldest criminal justice graduate degree programs, it prepares inservice students for advancement in their career fields; pre-service students for entrylevel federal, state and local positions in law enforcement, courts, corrections and juvenile justice; and for further education in law-related and crime-related fields. 

Entry Requirements

  • Fulfill the Graduate School requirements.
  • submit three letters of reference from people acquainted with the applicant’s background and potential.
  • Submit a brief utobiographical statement describing particular interests.
  • Submit all experiences, and goals related to academic and professional work in criminal justice.