2 years
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USD 34,825
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USD 34,825
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About this course

The master of science degree in airport management applies modern management concepts to the aviation environment. The program consists of 34 credits.

This degree will provide entry- or mid-level professionals with the skills and knowledge to advance in airports and airport-related businesses. It will raise awareness of and enhance skills related to safety issues in the aviation and airport environment. It will address the demand for professional managers, which is growing as a result of the need for effective use of scarce resources, heightened domestic and international competition, environmental issues and security concerns. This program will also provide the opportunity to learn and apply scientific methods to understanding and addressing aviation- and airport-related topics.

Depending on a student’s academic background, he or she can be required to take one or both of the following basic skills courses: Information Technologies for Managers (2 credits) and Math for Business Applications (2 credits), thus raising the total credits to 37 or 39.