2 years
Jan Aug
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Full-time & Part-time
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USD 46,302
Foreign students
USD 46,302
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About this course

Courses are offered at convenient times during the day and evenings for full- and part-time students. Students can complete the core curriculum in as little as one year in the full-time program. Working students can complete the coursework in less than two years in the part-time evening program. The MBA program theme is Value Creation for Graduates, Organizations and Society: The Well Rounded MBA Program Personalized for Long-term Success.

The program provides students with the solid strategic-level capabilities needed for success in the 21st-century global economy, including global business knowledge, business leadership, innovation and technology, critical thinking and ethics/social responsibility. The full- and part-time programs include personalized components that equip graduates for long-term professional success, including a professional development practicum and the opportunity to obtain a concentration in an area of specific interest.