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About this course

The Master of Professional Accountancy (M.P.A.) program provides specialized training in accounting and related fields for those who wish to prepare for a career in public accounting. In addition, the program enables students to meet the 150-hour educational requirement to sit for the CPA exam in most states, although requirements vary by state. Students can find information about CPA requirements in each state by visiting www.usd.edu/business/accounting/graduate. In addition, the program provides training in accounting and related subjects for students seeking careers in industry, government service, or accounting education. The primary objectives of this degree program are: 1) to develop judgmental ability relating to the production and use of accounting information; and 2) to assist in the development of professional competence.

The program is offered as a twelve-month, full-time, face-to-face program on the Vermillion campus and as a fully online program. Students in the hybrid program can “mix and match” face-to-face Vermillion, Sioux Falls, and online classes for added flexibility. The program is offered online in its entirety to meet the needs of those unable to participate in face-to-face courses. The online courses are scheduled so students can complete the program in as little as two calendar years. The full-time, part-time, and online programs have identical entrance and graduation requirements, and the courses are taught by the same faculty. Graduation requirements are identical for all modes of delivery, and the timelines for completion discussed herein assume that all foundations coursework has been completed before the start of the program.