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The pursuit of a Ph.D. in business is a significant commitment of time, effort, and dedication. Yet if you are someone who loves learning, enjoys teaching, developing new knowledge, writing about new ideas, and setting your own career agenda, you may want pursue a doctoral degree in business administration.


We encourage our doctoral students to go well beyond the realms of current knowledge. Each student is motivated to research his or her own ideas and develop new concepts and new paradigms. At the College of Business Administration, we have developed a culture of academic excellence. We have a mentor system where each student develops strong academic and socio-emotional relationships with one or more faculty members based upon common research interests. Unlike many other schools, these interests are not faculty based but student based. It is your ideas that count. The faculty will assist and guide you in pursuit of what you want to study.

If you feel a passion for knowledge and wish to write and speak about ideas both in class and to the professional and academic communities, then I invite you to investigate further the Doctoral Degree Program in Business Administration from the University of Rhode Island.

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