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About this course

The interdisciplinary master's degree program in biomedical engineering combines core coursework with focused areas of proficiency that allow students more in-depth exposure to areas of particular interest. The program's introductory course is team-taught by biomedical engineering faculty from a range of disciplines, and outside lecturers are invited to give students a broad exposure to the field.

You can choose from two degree options:

  • Plan A: Requires core and specialized coursework and a thesis on an area of interest in biomedical engineering.
  • Plan B: The coursework-only option requires additional coursework credits in lieu of a thesis. Students choosing this option will not be eligible for graduate assistantships.

Both programs require students to complete core coursework as well as classes in three focal areas.

Entry Requirements

  • GPA of 3.0
  • Combined (verbal + quantitative) GRE scores of 305 (1150 in old system)
  • Quantitative GRE scores of 156 (720 in old system)
  • Analytical GRE scores of 4/6 (3.5 in old system)
  • TOEFL scores of 550 (required for international students only)