Master of Science in Environmental Studies

University of Massachusetts - Lowell
Lowell, Massachusetts, United States
Master's Degree
Study mode
Full-time, Part-time
5 years
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Tuition fee (local)
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Tuition fee (foreign)
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Entry Requirements

Please refer to the university's official website. 


Core Courses

85.501 Boundary Layer Meteorology

87.575 or 84.575 Physical Chemistry for Environmental Studies

18.527 or 19.550 Environmental Law and Policy

49.615 Environmental and Natural Resources Economics

Elective Courses

85.502 Advanced Synoptic Meteorology

85.503 Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere

85.511 Solar Terrestrial Relations

85.515 Atmospheric Structure and Dynamics

85.523 Air Pollution Control

85.571 Air Pollution Phenomenology

85.673/19.617 Air Pollution Laboratory/Measurement of Airborne Contaminants

85.674 Air Quality Modeling

87.572 Energy and the Environment

92.550 Mathematical Modeling

98.613 Environmental Monitoring and Surveillance (Radionuclides)

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