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The MBA program in the College of Management combines strategically focused management curriculum with optional specializations that prepare students for specific management responsibilities. Classes are typically taught by full-time, academically and professionally qualified faculty.

Our small classes create an active learning environment with a great deal of faculty-student interaction. MGT 650(Organizational Analysis and Skills), our required first-semester course, incorporates the team-building and analytical skills that will be developed throughout the program. Many MBA classes have a major case component that provides insight into corporate, non-profit and small business issues. Others use real-world projects and simulations to connect classroom learning to practical experience and create a thoroughly inclusive classroom environment.

Students are drawn from across the United States as well as internationally. The diversity and cosmopolitan nature of the student body add another valuable dimension to the overall program experience.

Course work and student resources help students develop the communications, presentation and analytical skills, as well as quantitative and decision-making abilities required of contemporary managers. The MBA program is committed to the success of all its students, both academically and professionally, and to providing the individual attention and support that make their accomplishments a reality.