3 years
Feb Aug
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USD 70,980
Foreign students
USD 70,980
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About this course

The UMHB Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program aspires to be recognized as the program of choice for individuals seeking to become competent, effective and ethical physical therapy practitioners with a foundation based in Christian principles and values.

Program Mission: The mission of the program is to prepare individuals for service as Doctors of Physical Therapy who will collaborate with other members of the interdisciplinary healthcare team, contribute to critical inquiry, and serve in leadership roles within the profession and the community. Consideration for addressing the needs of underserved communities in a global society will serve as a guiding principle for program faculty, staff, students and graduates. The program will be offered in a Christian environment guided by faculty who teach and mentor with integrity, sensitivity and a commitment to excellence.

The program is guided by the profession's vision statement:

Entry Requirements

  • Meet university degree requirements to include chapel requisites and six semester hours of religion courses.
  • Maintain good academic progress in order to continue enrollment.


  • Internet overall test score of 80, with a score of at least 20 in each band
  • Computer-based test score of 210
  • Paper-based test score of 550


  • 6.0 in each band