Ph.D. in Computer Science

University of Maine
United States
Doctoral Degree (PhD)
Study mode
3 years
Tuition fee (local)
Information not available
Tuition fee (foreign)
Information not available

Entry Requirements

  • To be admitted to candidacy for the Ph.D. students must complete the breadth requirements, all requirements for an M.S. with a thesis, the 1 hour Ph.D. orientation seminar, and be accepted by a vote of the Graduate Faculty.


The content of the Ph.D. program is designed to prepare the students to conduct research in computer science and to take positions in academia and industry. Students are required to carry out in-depth, independent, publishable research that is an original contribution in the field. They will be involved in research soon after entering the program.

The Ph.D. program totals 58 semester hours in an approved program of course work. These hours are divided as follows:

  • 21 hours of breadth requirements
  • 12 hours of course electives
  • 6 hours of M.S. thesis credit
  • 18 hours of Ph.D. dissertation credit
  • 1 hour of Ph.D. orientation seminar

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