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About this course

The Master's program in general psychology at the University of Dayton is designed to prepare students for advanced graduate studies in psychology. Our goal is to provide students with extensive experience so that they are in an excellent position when applying to Ph.D. programs in psychology. To this end, the program is focused on developing basic and advanced research skills via a modern scientific approach to the study of psychology. The program stresses both collaborative and independent research project development and the curriculum provides a solid methodological background through a two-semester sequence in experimental design and statistics, a course in history and systems, and an advanced research methods course that provides individualized and "hands on" exposure to the research process.

Entry Requirements

  • A graduate entrance examination (GRE or GMAT)
  • Letters of recommendation
  • A personal statement / writing sample
  • Transcripts from previously attended institutions.
  • International students have additional requirements for admission and immigration purposes, and should review the section for international students before submitting an application.