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About this course

The goal of the Ph.D. in education is to support graduate students in becoming creative scholars who engage in
research focused on the educational needs of students from linguistic and cultural groups that have historically
not fared well in our nation’s public schools. To achieve this goal, this program provides students with
grounding in the varieties of interdisciplinary theorizing, research methods, and applications needed to advance
the study of learning and teaching for diverse student populations. The courses and research experiences are
closely related to practice in K-12 classrooms. Students in this interdisciplinary program apply tools and
perspectives from education, anthropology, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, cognitive science,
and cultural historical activity theory. The program integrates theory and practice to examine learning and
teaching within the multiple contexts of classroom, school, family, and community. Graduates of this program
will be qualified to teach and to conduct the kinds of educational research demanded by tenure-track positions
in research and regional universities. Graduates may also work in non-university based institutions that focus
on teacher professional development, curriculum development, and related areas of educational research and