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About this course

The Ocean Sciences Department offers a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in ocean sciences. The Ocean Sciences M.S. degree can be attained through Plan I (thesis, minimum 44 credits) or Plan II (coursework, minimum 42 credits). The degree combines core courses and electives to provide depth and breadth in the ocean sciences. Graduates from the program are exceptionally prepared to take research or management positions in organizations concerned with the marine environment, to become educators, or to enter doctoral programs in ocean sciences or related fields. The thesis M. S. degree is preparation for research careers.

Whereas the doctoral program has an oceanographic orientation, the Ocean Sciences Master's program is even broader and has traditionally attracted many students in marine biology and ecology. As with the doctoral program, students are encouraged to select a course of study and a research program that draws on the expertise of the core ocean sciences faculty and any of the affiliated faculty in other departments. Customized programs of study that combine related disciplines are supported in the Master's program