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About this course

The MA in music degree integrates studies in performance, composition/analysis, and research. The program seeks to maintain a balance of skills and interests and to encourage a diversity of approaches among its graduate students. In consultation with a faculty adviser, students pursue a two-year course of studies culminating in a final project that typically combines an original composition or written thesis with a related public performance. The student’s role in the performance may range from that of a performer or conductor to that of a coach (of original compositions or a selected repertoire).

The curriculum includes courses in research methods, analysis, composition, and performance practices in Western music from the Renaissance to the 21st century and in the musics of India, Latin America, and Asia. Graduate students have completed diverse final projects: theses in non-Western performance practice include “Continuity and Change in the Learning of Balinese Gender Wayang” and “Classification and Analysis of Rhythm and Harmony in Flamenco Guitar”; theses in Western performance practice include “Early Scottish Keyboard Music: William Kinloch. A Critical Edition” and “Piano Jewels of Alberto Ginastera: Performance Practice through Analysis in ‘Danzas argentinas’  and “‘Twelve American Preludes’ ”; theses in composition include “Cantigas Das Folhas” (composition) and “Atom Turning in the Sun of Eternity” (composition).