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About this course

Trinity College offers a Master of Arts in Public Policy for those who are engaged in preparing for careers that employ empirical and normative approaches to policy theory, analysis, and implementation. The program is also intended for those who have a general interest in the theory and practice of public policy-making. 
The program typically attracts:
  • persons interested in policy and planning in the public sector and in the potential impact of such planning on society
  • state and local public employees
  • private sector employees
  • professionals in the health care sector
  • professional educators
The program aims to develop the skills required to articulate public issues, analyze alternative policies, facilitate the adoption and implementation of specific public choices, and evaluate their effects.
In keeping with Trinity College’s traditional emphasis, the program embodies a liberal arts approach to public policy, which stresses the importance of the economic/technical component of making collective choices, and both normative and empirical analysis of policy issues. Courses also typically draw from the theory and practice of a cross-section of humanities and social science disciplines.