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About this course

Trinity College offers a Master of Arts in English intended for:

  • Community college and secondary school faculty
  • College or university graduates considering a Ph.D. in English or a related field
  • Professionals in law, business, and other areas who wish to study how literature, film, rhetoric, and digital arts shape our culture
  • College or university graduates desiring personal enrichment or enhancement of writing and critical thinking skills.

The graduate program in English offers advanced courses in literature, film, and media arts, as well as training in discipline-specific pedagogy. All of our classes are small seminars taught by highly qualified Trinity faculty. Students in the program are diverse: many are teachers or aspiring teachers working toward a master of arts in English, while others choose the M.A. in preparation for enrolling in a Ph.D. program. Some have already earned advanced degrees. This program is open to anyone who is interested in deepening an understanding of the rich and varied field of English and who is qualified for advanced work.