2 years
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Tuition fee (entire course)
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USD 53,400
Foreign students
USD 53,400
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About this course

ICSW’s two-year master’s program in clinical counseling and psychotherapy is a non-resident, full- or part-time course of study designed to prepare students for careers in counseling and psychotherapy, with a specific emphasis on the integration of contemporary psychodynamic perspectives. After students complete the degree, they are eligible to apply for state licensure (LPC), necessary for opening up many more clinical opportunities, including private practice.

  • The program incorporates a psychodynamic framework into many of the basic courses and offers additional courses specific to psychodynamic conceptualization and training.
  • Coursework is consistent with state requirements for clinical licensure eligibility.
  • Two years of clinical training includes over 900 hours in high-quality, supervised practice settings—the program offers two years of clinical training instead of one because of ICSW’s commitment to clinical education.
  • Placements are exclusively clinical and take place with top agencies that provide clinical services.
  • Students spend approximately 7–14 hours per week at their practicum site during the first year and approximately 21 hours per week during the second year.
  • As part of their coursework, students attend a weekly practicum seminar where they discuss their practicum experiences and begin integrating clinical experience and theory.
  • The training process is closely monitored by ICSW faculty and clinical practicum supervisors.

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university — degree need not be in psychology or social work
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA at all institutions of higher education
  • GRE is not required