3 years
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USD 56,190
Foreign students
USD 56,190
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About this course

The Master of Fine Arts degree program in Computer Animation is a six-quarter, terminal degree program designed to prepare students for the animation industry. It offers a forum for advanced study and rigorous discourse, integrating art history, criticism, and advanced studio exploration and experimentation. Based on individual interests and experimentation, students have the opportunity to study and examine computer animation from many different aspects. Students connect with faculty who are committed to providing ample opportunities for collaboration, inspiration, growth, and exploration. The graduate program is focused on the creative process, with advanced study that combines studio work, research, interests, and abilities.

Students in the Computer Animation program have the opportunity to develop skills as traditional studio artists, filmic storytellers, art historians, and critical thinkers, as well as to strengthen their technical animation skills with hardware and software. As a capstone project, students are required to complete a significant work of authorship, the Master’s Thesis production. The curriculum is designed to prepare graduates for entry-level employment in the computer animation and media fields.