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USD 24,000
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About this course

The Culinary Arts & Management curriculum leads to careers, not only in restaurants, but also in commercial, on-site, and institutional establishments. Graduates of the Culinary Arts & Management curriculum initially perform middle management positions, such as assistants to managers, supervisors of food production and service, caterers, stewards, banquet managers, purchasing agents, chefs, or bakers. With additional education and/or experience, upward mobility is unlimited.

Course work includes culinary arts, business management, an approved work experience, and a basic liberal arts core, the foundation of all programs. Because of this liberal arts foundation, Culinary Arts & Management curriculum graduates are able to transfer to four-year colleges. Transfer agreements with several nearby colleges enable graduates to transfer with full credit. Graduates transfer to baccalaureate programs in other parts of the country.

Westchester Community College provides certification through the ManageFirst Program of the National Restaurant Association in ServSafe Sanitaion and ServSafe Alcohol.

Students enrolled in the Culinary Arts and Management  Program must earn a minimum grade of “C” in required departmental culinary lab courses in order to continue in the program.

Entry Requirements

  • A passing score on the TOEFL would be 500 or higher on the paper test, 173 or higher on computer test, or 61 or higher on internet based test.
  • A passing score on the IELTS is 5.0 or higher.