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USD 24,000
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About this course

Engineering is a growing profession integrating science and mathematics with design and laboratory study. It is and will be the profession upon which the United States depends for its growth and ability to compete in world markets. Our Engineering Science program parallels the first two years of the four-year engineering curriculum of most engineering schools throughout the country. The program not only leads to an Associate in Science degree but also to transfer to a host of engineering schools.

To prepare to become accomplished engineers, students combine studies of the fundamental concepts of calculus, chemistry, physics, electricity, energy, engineering mechanics, and computer science with the development of writing and reading skills and studies in the social sciences and the humanities. Upon transfer as juniors to four-year engineering institutions, our engineering graduates are not only well versed in math and the sciences, but also can read and write well and are sensitive to the needs of the world in which they live.

For those who work while attending Westchester Community College, the Engineering Science program is offered both day and evening.

Entry Requirements

  • A passing score on the TOEFL would be 500 or higher on the paper test, 173 or higher on computer test, or 61 or higher on internet based test.
  • A passing score on the IELTS is 5.0 or higher.