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About this course

The TESOL Sequence is a 4-course (12 credit) sequence created to support teachers who want to teach English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). The coursework is available to any candidate in any education master’s degree program as well as non-degree seeking students who have completed a majority of their education coursework (also known as professional advancement student). Individuals interested in taking a single course for professional development purposes are also encouraged to enroll. Qualified undergraduate students (seniors) may take up to 6 graduate credits, and take additional courses as post-baccalaureate students. 

The TESOL sequence is geared to meet the needs of teachers, or potential teachers, at elementary and secondary levels. It will also be beneficial to foreign language teachers seeking professional development, including teachers who would like to know more about second-language acquisition, and program administrators or coordinators responsible for the development of TESOL curriculum. In addition, the material covered will help teachers currently teaching or training in English immersion school programs. 

The program addresses the major competencies and knowledge necessary to be a specialist in the TESOL field with a focus on the development of practical classroom skills and effective teaching techniques, plus a foundation in second-language acquisition, linguistics, and literacy development for English Language Learners. Each class covers concepts, methods, techniques, materials, and resources directly applicable to the classroom.