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About this course

The Human Services Program is designed to prepare students for the helping professions. The program is appropriate for current agency employees seeking to upgrade their skills and students preparing for future careers as human service workers. The program combines academic course work with human service field experience, through internships. This approach prepares students to move directly into employment upon graduation. The program is flexible, so students may choose courses and field work experience in accordance with their areas of interest and particular career goals.

This program also is appropriate for students who are planning to transfer to four-year human service related programs. Students planning to transfer to a Bachelor’s degree program in Social Work, however, may want to consider the A.A. degree program in Social Science.

Entry Requirements

The TOEFL exam is NOT required. FM offers an Intensive English Language Program. Students can enter the college for English as a Second Language study and then, after completion, directly enroll in their intended academic program.