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SUNY - Alfred State College

New York, United States
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Living cost USD 1,500 per month
Student population Medium (1,001 to 10,000)
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About SUNY - Alfred State College

The State University of New York is the largest comprehensive university system in the United States. Our impact in New York State and across the globe begins with our 64 institutions, including research universities, academic medical centers, liberal arts colleges, community colleges, colleges of technology and an online learning network. We educate approximately 463,000 students in more than 7,500 degree and certificate programs, and nearly 2 million in workforce and professional development programs. Our nearly 3 million SUNY alumni are located around the globe, each making their own unique impact.

SUNY was created out of a commitment to opportunity and access, and designed to meet diverse needs across a vast geographic landscape. We reflect both the land grant mission reborn and a reputation for embracing new thinking and brighter ideals. Our faculty and students are constantly seeking, generating, analyzing, and sending knowledge back into the world through informed citizens, revitalized communities, and experts who transform entire sectors.

SUNY’s colleges and universities are state-supported and our graduates have been giving back and transforming the lives of local and global citizens since we were established over 65 years ago. Millions of SUNY alumni are working in their communities every day, changing and improving the world with exceptional contributions—whether defined as a medical breakthrough, a technological innovation, an inspirational piece of art, or the birth of a new business.

By leveraging our talents and resources in targeted, quantifiable ways, we bolster New York’s economy and enhance quality of life for its citizens. Learn more about the Power of SUNY, where we outline our goals and firm intentions.

Alfred State College

Hit the ground running with the advantages of an Alfred State education!

Choose from over 70 majors in agriculture, allied health, applied technology, architecture & engineering technology, business, and liberal arts and sciences at the baccalaureate, associate and certificate levels. You'll study in small classes in state-of-the-art labs and facilities. You'll work on real-world projects and learn how to think, not what to think, through a focus on project-based learning.

Outside of the classroom, choose from a variety of lifestyle options available in one of our 13 residence halls.

Join one or more of our 100 clubs and organizations or compete on one of our 18 intercollegiate sports teams.

Outstanding academic programs, personalized attention, industry-standard equipment, and a well-rounded campus life experience with a focus on student leadership and civic engagement give Alfred State students the advantage they need for success!

Campus information

Alfred State is located in the beautiful Southern Tier of New York State, surrounded by lakes, ponds, wetlands and state parks. It is 15 miles north of the Pennsylvania border, 70 miles south of Rochester, and 90 miles southeast of Buffalo.

  • Driving directions - enter your address to get Google map directions to our campus. Local driving directions also provided
  • Village of Alfred - area businesses, tourism info, and more
  • Hornell - the city of Hornell is about a 17 minute drive from Alfred
  • Wellsville - the village of Wellsville is about a 20 minute drive from Alfred


Residential Life believes that a student’s residence hall experience should be as individually suited to the student's needs and interests as possible. On this basis, Alfred State offers a lifestyle approach to residence hall living. Within the limits of college policy, various lifestyle areas are offered, and students may choose the area which best suits them. The following styles are located in designated areas of certain residence halls:

  • No Smoking – All of our residential facilities are smoke-free.
  • First-Year Housing- First-year students can live in any building other than the townhouses. Burdick Hall only houses first-year students.
  • Baccalaureate Lifestyle – Available in Peet Hall only. This lifestyle option provides an opportunity for students in the baccalaureate programs to reside together.
  • Substance-free Lifestyle – This lifestyle is designed for the student interested in living within a tobacco-free and alcohol-free area. All guests and visitors are also required to abide by the substance-free lifestyle while visiting the area. Each student signs a contract pledging to remain substance free while living in this area. If you are not committed to the restrictions, this lifestyle is not for you.
  • 24 and Over Lifestyle – This lifestyle option was created to address the special needs of nontraditional students, e.g. self-governed quiet hours and the ability to stay in the residence hall during breaks. Available in select areas within Main Gate B only.
  • Quiet Study – Members of this lifestyle all sign an agreement to uphold mandatory 24 hour quiet hours. Television and music are allowed in this area, but must be kept at a minimal and respectful volume. This lifestyle is available in certain suite style and corridor style residence halls
  • Over 21 – A student must be 21 or older at the beginning of the academic year. This lifestyle option in available select areas.
  • Gender Inclusive Housing– This option allows individuals who are not the same gender, who may identify outside of the gender binary (male or female), who may be questioning aspects of their sexuality/gender or who may be in the process (or completed) a gender transition, to live in an environment that is safe and supportive. This living space is open to the entire campus community, is requested through an application process (password required), and selected on a yearly basis by a committee dedicated to the oversight of that community.
  • Engage Living and Learning Community – An option for first-year students in Burdick Hall, this LLC provides residents an opportunity to explore diversity, multiculturalism, and other inclusive topics while receiving the benefits from having a faculty member in residence.
  • Civic Living and Learning Community– An option for first-year students in Burdick Hall, this LLC will help students learn more about their strengths and leadership, develop mentoring skills, and connect with professionals from the campus and community while taking part in the Emerging Pioneers Leadership Program (EPLP) with a connected academic component.
  • Architectural Living and Learning Community (ALLC) – Baccalaureate architecture students can study, live, work, and engage with their faculty, all in their own residence hall (Peet Hall). The ALLC provides access to architecture work labs, study space, and a gallery.
  • Nursing Living Learning Community (NLLC) – First-year nursing students have the opportunity to be a part of a community within Burdick Hall dedicated to helping new nursing students transition into the nursing curriculum. Besides participating in a cohort seminar led by nursing faculty within their residence hall, the NLLC provides an atmosphere with enhanced opportunities to learn from and connect with their faculty.
  • Townhouse Style Living– Apartment-style living for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Services available in the residence halls include laundry and vending machines, kitchenette, study areas, and computer labs.
  • Affinity Housing– Members of recognized clubs/organizations and athletics teams will be provided preference during returning student housing sign up to live together in the suite style housing within the Townhouses, MacKenzie Complex, Main Gate A, and Main Gate B.

You can choose from one of our five living and learning communities:

Architecture LLC

  • You will be enrolled FNAT 2333- Survey of Design. This course, taught by the department chair, Dr. Alex Bitterman, will be a strong foundation course for your architectural career.
  • You will have the opportunity to attend presentations by architects and educators from around the nation as part of the Department of Architecture and Design Lecture Series. These lectures will be mandatory for all LLC participants and will give you a unique look into to the world of architecture and design.
  • Six lectures will also be held in Peet Hall for LLC participants throughout the semester from Alfred State faculty and invited guests on varying topics.

Civic Leadership LLC

  • While living in the Civic Leadership Living Learning Community, students examine their strengths, develop mentoring skills, engage in fireside chats with campus resource professionals from the Division of Student Affairs, local community members, alumni, explore political issues, participate in team-building activities and attend the Emerging Pioneers Leadership Program. This program is a developmental partnership between the Department of Residence Life, the Office of Student Engagement and The Center for Civic Engagement.
  • The Civic Leadership LLC challenges students to integrate leadership, knowledge, theory and experience to increase their individual understanding of leadership and how it is applied in multiple contexts. Activities, Involvement and Leadership’s role in the Civic Leadership LLC includes helping to coordinate various leadership initiatives speaking on a wide array of topics to help develop perceptions of leadership Alfred State; promoting existing leadership opportunities including the Alternative Spring Break, NYLEC Leadership Conference, The Emerging Pioneers Leadership Program/minor; and providing support to the participants as they complete their first year on campus.
  • Students who wish to live in the Civic-Leadership Living Learning Community must sign up for the first core credit class of the leadership minor. Students do not need to pursue the minor in the future, but do need to take the first class, EPLP 1031 Social Change in Leadership.
  • Students who are part of the Civic Leadership Living Learning Community must be active and participate in the community and class in order to live in the community.

Engage LLC

  • Seeks to provide its residents with an opportunity to explore diversity, multiculturalism, and other inclusive topics, while receiving the benefits from having a faculty member in residence.
  • English and Humanities Department Assistant Professor Dr. Brian Quinn will be living in the residence hall and will be there to provide additional academic support for the LLC community as you transition from high school student to college scholar.
  • In addition to a one-hour weekly seminar deigned to be interactive and engaging, members of the Engage LLC will also have a three credit class they will take together, taught in the comfort of their own building.

Nursing LLC

  • Freshman nursing students have the opportunity to be a part of a community dedicated to helping new nursing students transition into the nursing curriculum.
  • Be a part of a cohort led by nursing faculty within their residence halls, this LLC provides a quiet atmosphere and enhanced opportunities to learn from and connect with their faculty.
  • Live with other first-year nursing students and make connections around your academics.


Courses available 10

Accounting & Finance 1 Applied, Pure Sciences 1 Architecture, Building 2 Business, Management 1 Creative Arts & Design 1 Engineering 2 Health and Medicine 1 Mass Communication & Media 1 Sports Science 1


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