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About this course

Students in the Master's Program in School Leadership work exclusively and with partners, in the classroom and in the field, to investigate ideas while securing and applying their abilities. A starting showing permit or proportional is needed for affirmation. The extra underwriting as a Vermont School Principal can be gotten through this project if the candidate has a showing permit and at least three years K-12 educating.

Entry Requirements

  • Have a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited institution and have attained a minimum of 3.0 GPA. If you are applying for a C.A.G.S., you must have a Master's Degree already.
  • Submit a completed Application for Graduate Admission.
  • Contact your undergraduate institution to submit your official transcript(s), in sealed envelope(s), of all undergraduate work (if credits were transferred, we will also need the official transcript from those institutions). If you have completed graduate work in the past, you must contact this institution as well to submit your official transcript. (Check with your institution(s), they may be able to send it electronically.)
  • Include two references. One must be from an academic institution or employer, whichever is the most relevant and within the last 5 years. The second must be from a person who has observed your work with children in the age group you are interested in (i.e. Elementary is K-6; Middle 5-7 and Secondary 7-12) within the last 5 years.
  • Submit a one to two page essay that answers the following question:Submit your resumé.
  • Describe a significant experience that has influenced your life. Discuss how this experience has shaped your thinking about yourself as an educator. Be specific and descriptive.
  • Have an interview. This will be arranged after your admission file is complete.