Master of Arts in Teaching degree (General Science)

South Carolina State University
Orangeburg, South Carolina, United States
Master's Degree
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Entry Requirements

Applicants for the Master of Arts in Teaching degree must hold a bachelors degree from an accredited institution. Applicants must present a completed portfolio to be eligible for the interview conducted by the Screening and Admission Committee. The completed portfolio must be presented prior to the specified deadlines. Portfolio contents, admissions regulations and other pertinent information are presented below.

1. Application portfolio that is complete, consisting of the following elements:

  • Graduate Admission: Letter of Full Admission to theSchool of Graduate Studies from the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies. Application: Letter of application for admission to the MAT program specifying the certification option. 
  • Goal Statement: A logically developed statement of career goals and plans attached to the resume. 
  • Transcripts: To be forwarded by the School of Graduate Studies. 
  • Letters of Recommendation: Three letters using the form provided by the University. 
  • Certification: The applicant must not hold certification to teach in South Carolina or any other state. 

2. Minimum GPA 2.50 on a 4.00 grading system for all undergraduate work completed and 3.00 on all graduate work completed.

3. GRE minimum 800 (V/Q; 1,200 (V/Q/A) or MAT minimum 35.

4. Letter of full admission to the School of Graduate Studies.

5. For mathematics only, successful completion of the following SCSU courses or their equivalents:

  • M 153 Quantitative Reasoning: Calculus I 3 
  • M 163 Calculus II 3 
  • M 237 Calculus III 3 
  • M 238 Calculus IV 3 
  • M 208 or M 309 Statistics 3 
  • M 207 or M 305 Geometry 3 
  • M 306 or M 314 Algebra 3 
  • M 404 Real Analysis 3 
  • A high-level computer programming language course 3 

Semester hour total 27


PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION (24 Semester Credit Hours)

  • ED 503 Human Growth and Development 3 
  • SPED 550 Nature and Psychology of the Exceptional Child 3 
  • ED 518 The History and Philosophy of Education 3
  • ED 545 Learning Theories for Teachers 3 
  • EAR 599 Effective School Research, Measurement, Evaluation, and Assessment 3 
  • RED 511 Instructional Learning Methods in Teaching Reading and Specialized Methods in the Content Area 3 
  • ED 550 Directed Teaching/Clinical Internship 6 


  • ED 500 Earth Science 3 
  • ED 512 The Teaching of Science 3 
  • B 501 Modern Biology I 3 
  • B 502 Modern Biology II 3 
  • B 504 Seminar 1 
  • B 507 Advanced General Biology 3 
  • C 508 Modern Chemistry 3

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