2 years
Mar Jul
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USD 13,260
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USD 13,260
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About this course

This project is for those people intrigued by gaining a Master of Arts in Spanish, amid the mid year, over a time of three years. An appealing component of the system is the way that the greater part of the graduate courses will be taken amid three mid year sessions; the scholarly year course load will be moderately light. Accordingly, students will have the capacity to complete the courses inside of a 26-month time compass while keeping up full-time occupation. Students from out of the zone additionally may take elective courses amid the scholarly year at different organizations, with the regard of the graduate consultant. Program workforce will incorporate both SSU Spanish staff and going by personnel from different establishments instructing in their general vicinity of specialization.

Entry Requirements

  • The $55 application fee (check or money order made out to SSU)
  • Two (2) Official Transcripts showing the most recent 60 semester units you have attempted,as well as award of the bachelor's degree
  • Four (4) copies of a written Statement of Purpose as related to the Spanish M.A. Program (written in Spanish, maximum 500 words)
  • One (1) copy of an oral description of your experience as a learner/speaker of Spanish spoken by you in Spanish ( maximum four minutes), either on a cassette tape or CD (.mp3, QuickTime, Audacity formats only).