2 years
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About this course

The Master of Sacred Theology in Anglican studies program provides the opportunity to acquire fuller mastery in that field and is suitable for those previously ordained in another denomination who plan to be ordained in the Episcopal Church. Applicants for admission should have a M.Div. degree or equivalent prior to enrollment.

A Master of Sacred Theology (S.T.M.) student with a concentration in Anglican studies requires one year of full-time study. This is done during one summer and one academic year. The thirty semester hours are achieved with six hours in a summer session, twenty-four hours in the academic year, and include a thesis for six hours of credit.

All coursework done during the academic year to be counted towards the S.T.M. must be done at an advanced level. Students must arrange with their professors to undertake extra work, and the work is to be assessed at a level beyond that of an M.Div. student. The extra work undertaken in the course is to be documented with the School of Theology's Office of Academic Affairs.