2 years
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About this course

The concentration is designed for those students who intend to pursue further graduate education in theology or its cognate disciplines or those who seek additional depth of knowledge in a particular field of study. It may be appropriate in some cases for those who do not plan to pursue doctoral study but who expect to teach in a specific discipline in institutions overseas.

Graduation from the School of Theology follows the successful completion of all requirements for the specified program of study and the approval of the degree by the Senate of the University upon nomination by the faculty of the School of Theology.

A Master of Arts (M.A.) student who has successfully completed all prescribed work, has completed all non-credit degree requirements, has submitted a complete portfolio if applicable, and who has a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.33, is eligible for the award of the degree of Master of Arts. Work toward the M.A. degree is to be concluded within four consecutive years from the date of matriculation.