4 years
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About this course

Seattle University's Doctor of Ministry degree is designed with action in mind. Student-practitioners are challenged to see their world differently--their church or organization, their work, their context. And to not stop there! Participants seek to serve and impact our evolving local and global community in real ways. Doctor of Ministry graduates are equipped to be mindful agents of change, as influential leaders for good and social justice. 

The program begins with a summer residency related to Pastoral Leadership. Students then identify an area of growth or specialization while they work to develop expertise around that area, creating specific responses to the people groups of focus. The program is built with a deep recognition of the nuanced context of our evolving world--the realities of globalization, cultural and religious diversity, hunger for spirituality, and socio-economic marginalization. The program melds areas of advanced study with an advanced leadership focus, culminating with the completion of a major research project.