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About this course

A PhD in Education is the preferred degree for teaching in higher education. Seattle Pacific’s program is designed to provide the appropriate blend of rigor, best practice, and original research to prepare you for a university career. The program emphasizes teaching and learning theory, research design, and university teaching. Distinctives of the program include:

  • Small, focused classes with personalized instruction
  • An excellent faculty with proven expertise and a strong desire to help students succeed in the program
  • A sense of community that helps students develop supportive relationships
  • A comprehensive research component that prepares students to explore and understand both quantitative and qualitative research designs
  • Opportunities for involvement in undergraduate and graduate teacher preparation programming

Entry Requirements

  • Application and $50 application processing fee.
  • Official transcripts documenting excellent undergraduate and graduate GPAs from an accredited institution where an academic degree was conferred. Include post-master’s degree graduate coursework.
  • If your degree is not from a U.S. college or university, please arrange for your transcript to be evaluated by an accredited transcript evaluation company such as FIS or WES. Have the report forwarded directly to Graduate Admissions.
  • Personal statement expressing your professional plans, goals, and focus of study, as well as a rationale for pursuing a PhD in Education. No more than 500 words.
  • GRE (Graduate Record Exam) scores taken within five years of application.
  • On the former GRE exam, preferred minimum combined score of 1200
  • On the revised GRE exam, preferred minimum scores of Verbal Reasoning: 153 and Quantitative Reasoning: 152
  • Four recent letters of recommendation, including two academic and two professional recommendations.
  • Writing sample that demonstrates graduate-level writing skills.