Master's Degree in Nurse Anesthesia

Saint Vincent College
Latrobe, Pennsylvania, United States
Master's Degree
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Entry Requirements

1. Current licensure as a registered professional nurse.
2. Minimum of one year of nursing experience in an acute care setting.
3. Baccalaureate degree in nursing or diploma or associate degree in nursing plus a baccalaureate degree other than a BSN,
providing the program considers it appropriate.

Because of the time spent in nursing, our students should presumably be more mature and, hence, capable of coping with the stresses inherent in the anesthesia situation. In addition to having the above requirements, applicants must have an overall QPA of 3.0 or above in their undergraduate degree. Applicants need only to apply to Excela Health School of Anesthesia; they do not need to apply to Saint Vincent College.


  • HSC 001 Professional Aspects of Anesthesia Practice  0 credits
  • HSC 500 Advanced Pharmacology I  3 credits
  • HSC 501 Advanced Pharmacology II  3 credits
  • HSC 503 Organic and Medicinal Chemistry  3 credits
  • HSC 504  Biochemistry  4 credits
  • HSC 505 Intro to Principles of Anesthesia  2 credits
  • HSC 510 Methods of Research I  3 credits
  • HSC 512 Medicinal Physics 4 credits
  • HSC 515 Advanced Physical/Health Assessment 2 credits
  • HSC 521 Advanced Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology I  5 credits
  • HSC 522  Advanced Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology II  5 credits
  • HSC 530  Anesthesia Didactics I  6 credits
  • HSC 612 Methods in Research II  3 credits
  • HSC 630 Anesthesia Didactics II  6 credits
  • HSC 655 Advanced Theory and Practice of Anesthesia  4 credits
  • HSC 700 Leadership and Management for Nurse Anesthetists  3 credits 

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