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Jan Aug
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About this course

Ideally suited for business professionals wishing to develop their marketing knowledge and skills in the specific areas of new product development, market research, and brand management. Focus is placed on understanding consumer behavior and learning how to leverage that knowledge to the benefit of the firm—revenue generation, market share improvements, cost efficiency, and marketing return on investment.

Students pursuing the graduate marketing certificate learn how decision-making in the marketing function of profit and nonprofit organizations is shaped by many factors, including consumer (or business customer) wants/needs, the firm's strategic mission, its resources and microenvironment, the competitive landscape and macroenvironmental influences.

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited four-year college or university
  • Completed Graduate Application for Admission, including a resume and official undergraduate and graduate transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation from employers or faculty
  • Personal statement of interest in and qualifications for the graduate program
  • Admission requires approval by the John F. Welch College of Business