2 years
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USD 83,608
Foreign students
USD 83,608
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About this course

The executive MBA is an integrated, 15-month, cohort-based program designed to develop future leaders and general managers in organizations serious about improving customer satisfaction, product quality, and organizational success.

A team of faculty and executives from all sectors of business and industry designed the program for professionals with substantial career experience. Through the use of practical approaches to improving business results and increasing personal productivity, participants will:

  • strengthen their leadership and interactive skills by collaborating with teams of professional peers and faculty;
  • develop strategic perspectives consistent with the needs of customers, stockholders, employees, the community, and other organizational stakeholders;
  • apply cross-functional approaches to enhance their analytical and decision-making capabilities; and
  • obtain a solid foundation in the functional areas of business.

Students must have a minimum of six years of professional work experience. Participants work in teams, studying a curriculum that focuses on developing general management skills with a strategic focus. The program is structured in an interactive fashion, with an emphasis on cross-functional integration.