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About this course

The MA in Media Studies is a 30-credit program combining theory, practice and application. We are a community of media makers and researchers working both to understand the impact of different media on society and to effect real-world changes with the media we use. Coursework introduces theoretical and practical methodologies spanning a range of critical issues, including economic and social justice, political activism, environmental responsibility, commodity culture, counterculture, artistic expression, and cultural identity.

Potential students include activists, artists, NGO employees, independent scholars, current media professionals, political, legal, and economic analysts, or others looking for an intellectual environment in which to challenge conventional understanding of the media in order to engage purposefully with a range of vital issues—from the environment to income inequality to the impact of commodity capitalism.

The Media Studies Masters is designed to provide highly individualized courses of study and practice for students who already have a sense for what they wish to research or implement. Our program is small and highly selective, giving us the ability develop courses and opportunities that fit the needs of our students.