2 years
Aug Jan
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USD 92,280
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USD 92,280
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About this course

The Construction Management program’s mission is to create graduates that are knowledgeable, well rounded professionals capable of meeting the future needs of the construction industry. The program prepares students for professional leadership promotes lifelong learning. The curriculum stresses technical knowledge, business acumen, and an understanding of the strategic and diverse interests among project stakeholders. Competencies embedded in the curriculum support creative problem solving, emerging technologies, sustainable practices, and ethical principles. Formal education is linked to practical experience, creating alumni who are skilled planners and technically competent managers of construction projects from concept to completion.

Students who successfully complete the two year A.A.S. degree in Bulding and Construction and wish to continue their education, may apply for admission to the four year Bachelors of Professional Studies in Construction Management program with advanced standing. They may apply in their third or fourth semester.

Entry Requirements

A TOEFL score of 530 (paper), 71 (Internet), or 197 (computer).
IELTS score of 6