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Master of Science Degree with an Emphasis in General Psychology The Master of Science degree requires a core of 15 (18 for thesis option) hours followed by additional courses to total a minimum of 33 hours. Beyond the core the student can, through advisement, direct studies for the Master of Science degree toward a terminal program in general psychology, toward community college teaching of psychology, toward a pre-doctoral program, or toward a pre-specialist program in school psychology. Completion of the Master of Science degree with a major in psychology (general) does not qualify an individual to be a mental health service provider. The program is not designed to train practitioners and thus students seeking the general Master of Science are not eligible to enroll in a practicum or internship in the department. Those students planning to apply for the Specialist in Education in School Psychology should consult with their advisor in selecting elective courses. 

Master of Science Degree with an Emphasis in Clinical Psychology The Master of Science degree with a major in psychology (clinical emphasis) meets the require­ments of the Kansas Directors of Mental Health Centers for master's level psychologists and the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board course work and fieldwork requirements for Licensed Master's Level Psychologists. Additional field experience and the licensure examination qualifies graduates for licensure as clinical psychotherapists in Kansas. A minimum of 67 hours is typically required, including coursework in psychopathology, assess­ment, treatment, and research; and 750 clock hours of practicum and internship experiences. Admission to this program is competitive and is limited to the number of internship sites available. The program in clinical psychology is accredited by the Masters in Psychology Accrediting Council (MPAC) and is approved by the Council of Applied Masters Programs in Psychology (CAMPP).