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January, September

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USD25 for application, Please contact the college directly for information on fees and admission.

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Photography program has, as its underlying basis, the recognition of photography as a unique and elegant blend of science and art which has evolved into one of the most influential media of communication on the planet. As a fine art that works directly from reality and is, therefore, grounded in truth, it is an extremely potent and evocative means of self-expression. As the preferred means of news reportage, it has, since its inception, been the primary force in documenting global events, and, in some cases, even shaping world history. As the medium of choice for product advertising, it accounts for billions of dollars of consumer trade, annually. And now, with the advent of digital photography, the creative power and control of the individual photographer is almost unlimited.

A two-year Associate in Fine Arts degree is offered for students wishing to prepare for this field. Also, a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Digital Imaging has been designed to cover the increased digital needs of our students, as well as to continue to offer the skills, concepts and history of traditional gelatin/silver photography. This program has been carefully designed to accurately mirror the dynamic merger of traditional and digital imagining which is currently evolving in the field.

The BFA program offers the student a unique experience that covers both fine art and commercial photography. Students will be given the opportunity to acquire skills that enable them to choose from many different photo career directions which are currently evolving in the field.

Career opportunities in photography are quite varied, and include portraiture, photojournalism, architectural photography, product photography, wedding photography, photographic processing and printing, and many forms of prepress digital manipulation. Positions vary from entry to intermediate level and self-employment.

Entry Requirements

  • If your first language is not English, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) should be taken, and a minimum score of 500 is advised. Alternately acceptable is the successful completion ELS of level 109. 


  • Black & White Photography I
  • Contemporary Concepts
  • Graphic Production for Photographers
  • Photojournalism
  • English I
  • Black & White Photography II
  • Color Photography I
  • Photo Digital Imaging
  • Studio Portraiture
  • Art History Elective
  • Color Photography II
  • Digital Media I
  • Photo Science
  • Product Photography
  • Digital Imaging Management
  • Digital Media II
  • Photographer's Portfolio
  • View Camera
  • English II

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20 Gorham Ave, Hamden, CT 06514

United States

About Paier College of Art, United States

Paier College of Art takes pride in over sixty years of training and educating artists. We are proud of the achievements of our students and alumni. These individuals continue to receive high recognition from organizations representing the best in their chosen fields. Paier students and alumni continue to enjoy successful careers in the visual arts.

Although the tools and methods of art are constantly changing, the strengths of our college have not. Computers have indeed become an important part of the artist's portfolio. These technologies are reflected in all our departments, and the computer labs are well equipped with the current hardware and software.

However, at Paier, computers are not an exclusive focus. In many respects, as the power of digital imaging and communication increases, the need for artistic fundamentals becomes even more important.

Recognizing that, our Foundation Year studies are still executed in pencil, pen, brush, and camera. The General Education Department also offers challenging courses in the liberal arts, contributing to the development of the literate artist. Those who have the desire and ability to develop as artists are a select few. Paier College is dedicated to them—the future leaders in craft, communication, and culture.

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January, September
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