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Sep Jan
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About this course

Fine Arts encompasses a diversity of media and expression, but at Paier it is a program dealing primarily with picture making—the drawing and painting of objects and figures, and of portraits and landscapes. Accomplishment of these in a variety of media provides the content of the program. As work progresses, emphasis is placed upon the students' intuitive responses to personal experience, environment, and imagination. Although the students have the opportunity to elect courses that will provide knowledge of art applications, student assignments are not produced to satisfy a commercial need. Students learn to make the fine arts pieces the central experience, and to extend their vision by offering that experience to others.

Opportunities in Fine Arts have broadened over recent years owing, in part, to a massive world-wide cultural explosion. While painters work alone, they are increasingly the objects of support by growing numbers of galleries and audiences everywhere, and by institutions that allocate monies for the purchase of art toward the building of major collections. Moreover, there is local, state, and federal legislation that provides specific percentages of construction cost to be spent on commissioned art for public structures. Beyond self-expression and the presentation of such paintings in galleries, the painter has other opportunities. The painting of portraits is a tradition nearly as old as the history of western art. Artists have also found opportunities as wall decorators and historical muralists. Such commissions emanate from architects; banks; businesses of every description; museums; federal, state, and local programs; competitions; and the like. Moreover, many painters practice the art of printmaking. In recent times the print (e.g., lithograph, silk-screen, etching, woodblock, aquatint, etc.) has become an attractive commodity in the art market because selling prices are usually lower than the single painting.

For Paier Fine Arts graduates, beginning opportunities will depend upon their skill and vocabulary of expression, the nature of their work, and the developing professional contacts that they establish.

Entry Requirements

  • If your first language is not English, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) should be taken, and a minimum score of 500 is advised. Alternately acceptable is the successful completion ELS of level 109.