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About this course

The master’s program in psychology offers a course of study leading to the Master of Science with a major in general psychology. The master’s degree program is appropriate for students wishing to enter a doctoral program at Old Dominion or another university or for those seeking the master’s as a terminal degree. The curriculum is designed to provide a strong background in research methods and general psychology so that the student will have a wide range of choices for future professional development.

Graduate students are encouraged to work closely with members of the faculty and to participate in the research and other professional activities that are available within the department. Faculty are involved in research in the general areas of clinical, social, health, developmental, human factors, organizational, personnel, and community psychology. Currently, faculty and students are engaged in research projects on various topics including: personal relationships, coping with discrimination and bias, parenting, work-family conflict, driving behaviors, predictors and interventions for substance abuse and health risk behaviors, hindsight bias, response to alarms, medical modeling and simulation, telework, training of women and minorities in STEM fields, and internet-based training and education.

Entry Requirements

To qualify for admission, a candidate must meet the general university admission requirements. In addition, the candidate must present:

  1. undergraduate courses in statistics and research methods and nine additional hours in psychology;
  2. official scores on the aptitude section of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) (applicants who do not have a bachelor’s degree in psychology must also take the advanced psychology GRE test); and
  3. transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work.

A brief statement by the student outlining personal goals and academic objectives and three letters of reference (at least two of which are from former college or university teachers) are requested. All credentials in support of applications should be sent to the Office of Admissions.