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The Master of Science in Computer Science degree provides a unique opportunity to develop in-depth knowledge of concepts and techniques related to the design, programming, and application of computing systems, while encouraging professional development. The program is designed for students who desire to enhance their computer skills and credentials, extend their expertise into computer science as a new field, enter the job market as a computing professional, or pursue a Ph.D. in computer science.

The curriculum is structured to strengthen the understanding of the complexities of computers and computer applications and to specialize in database systems, if desired.

MS students are encouraged to collaborate with faculty and participate in a number of projects chosen by the student in their specific area of interest. Faculty interests and expertise include: applied algorithms and data structures, artificial intelligence and intelligent systems, fault-tolerance design and risk analysis, architecture, networking and security, software engineering, robotics, object-oriented programming, big-data, super-computing and high-performance computing.