2 years
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USD 51,990
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USD 51,990
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About this course

The MS in Mechanical Engineering program is flexible enough for our students to pursue it as a terminal degree or as a stepping stone towards a PhD degree. Many enter such fields as computer engineering, nanotechnology, software development, and financial engineering. They also occupy positions in bioengineering, manufacturing, astronautics, systems engineering, and corporate management and law. Still others become leading stewards of the natural environment by advancing resource conservation, more efficient energy consuming devices, and new energy sources.

Entry Requirements

A bachelor’s degree and a good academic record in mechanical engineering from a reputable college or university are generally required for admission to this program. Applicants with degrees from fields other than mechanical engineering may be admitted but may have to complete additional studies to achieve a comparable background. Courses required to achieve this status are specified as part of the admission evaluation. Undergraduate courses specified for this purpose cannot count toward credits for the graduate degree.