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About this course

This is a study abroad course in Honduras. Reef environments provide the opportunity to understand how the land and ocean environments are connected. Students will learn about general ecology of reefs. They will engage in projects that use underwater photography and field collection techniques. We will be stationed at Cayos Cochinos, a part of a reef reserve area. Students can choose from projects focused on areas such as coral disease, octopus behavior and distribution, crustacean behavior, and invertebrate distribution. We will not be focusing on fish biology, though we will talk about different fish as a part of the system. Students will learn to identify a minimum of 25 reef invertebrates by sight, about the ecology and geology of the Bay Islands reef system, fundamentals of underwater photography, and how to design and carry out a field project.
Note: In addition to tuition, students must pay for their transportation to Honduras as well as housing/facility with meals (about $2,500).
Dr. Sandra Gilchrist

Entry Requirements

If you’re an eligible student and currently enrolled in NCF’s undergraduate degree-seeking program, you can take summer courses for audit, or for credit with a designation of Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory; no written evaluation will be provided.

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Satisfactory designation of courses taken for credit will count toward your NCF graduation requirement of 31 units (4 credit hours = 1 unit), but not toward your contract or Independent Study Project requirements.
June 15, 2016 is the last day to drop credit course work officially without penalty toward the measurements of Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Purposes.
There is no scholarship funding or additional financial aid available for this program; however, limited access to federal aid may be possible if you are seeking credit toward your NCF degree and you have either remaining aid eligibility or aid eligibility for the following academic year. (Contact Financial Aid at ncfinaid@ncf.edu to inquire.)