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About this course

The Monmouth University MBA is a 57-credit degree comprised of 21 credits of "foundation" courses and 36 credits of "core" courses. The structure of the MBA includes specific courses that all of our MBA students must take for the degree, as well as a set of "requirement areas" that must be satisfied by selecting courses from a list of approved options for each one. While having to adhere to these requirements, students can choose courses in finance, marketing or management to gain more depth in that area. This allows students to select courses that meet their interests or schedule needs in completing their degree plan.

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The MBA degree is a generalized management degree providing the foundation for strong decision-making and strategic planning based on the data analysis and critical thinking skills required to be a leader in any firm today. The required core classes that all MBA students will take in finance, accounting, ethics, and strategic planning are areas that upper-level managers are expected to utilize in decision-making regardless of the discipline or industry in which they make their career.

The Monmouth MBA is the most popular option chosen by students in the program. We also offer five MBA concentrations - in Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Real Estate - for students who wish to build depth in a functional area.