3 years
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USD 34,200
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USD 34,200
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About this course

The MSAE program has two specialty tracks, one that focuses on structural systems, and one that focuses on mechanical-electrical-plumbing systems. Each specialty has a group of core classes in that particular specialty area, as well as graduate elective courses that allow students to specialize in courses that are of interest to their career. A complete list of the core and elective courses for each specialty can be found in the graduate catalog. Undergraduate students in the AE program have the option to apply in their junior year to add the MSAE degree as a 5-year program option.

The MSAE is a flexible program, with courses offered evenings with the option of a two-, three- or five-year program. Classes meet one evening per week during the academic quarter. Students enrolled in MSOE’s bachelor in architectural engineering program may pursue a dual degree.

Entry Requirements

  • A bachelor of science degree in an architectural, civil or structural engineering program, or a closely related degree.
  • Specific undergraduate course requirements include mechanics or materials, indeterminate structural analysis, structural steel design, and reinforced concrete design. Students who hold an engineering degree or other related degree, but lack some of the specific undergraduate course requirements may be permitted to begin course work as probationary students, and are generally expected to complete all prerequisites before enrolling in graduate-level classes. Such decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.