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Marketing is the link between the customer, the company, and the product or service that the company is selling. It is the driving force in business. A business organization must sell products or services to survive and grow. Marketing is everything that a company does to get potential customers to buy their product or service such as personal selling, advertising, promotion, product development, marketing research, customer service, pricing, and retailing. Successful marketing strategies result in healthy profits for a company, enabling them to stay in business. Every organization, whether large or small, needs people with marketing skills to effectively create, distribute, price, and promote its products or services in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

This program of study combines a strong foundation in core business courses such as management, marketing, accounting, economics, business law, and communication with a broad-based liberal arts education. Concentration-specific courses present unique perspectives on internet marketing and international marketing. Students are not only taught basic business principles, but are given real life examples, case studies, and hand-on projects so that they can understand how the business world operates. Students develop practical marketing skills, managerial skills, communication skills, critical and creative thinking skills, and business decision-making capabilities.

The program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, a leading specialized accreditation association that recognizes high quality business programs around the world. Graduates are prepared for entry-level positions or for transfer to four-year institutions. The curriculum parallels the first two years of study required by similar programs offered at four-year institutions. The student must earn a grade of “C” or better in all Business Administration (BA) courses or the course must be repeated.