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The Culinary Arts associate degree program will give students the knowledge necessary to be successful in a restaurant or hotel kitchen, or the kitchens of other food services for business and industry dining, health-care facilities and schools. It will also give students the tools and skills to start work for businesses that supply foods at catered events, meeting and conventions centers, and supermarkets.

The Culinary Arts program is accreditated by the American Culinary Federation Educational Institute. In addition to classroom and laboratory study, students will participate in an individually-planned, 300-hour cooperative work experience program, earning credit toward graduation while employed.

Students are required to purchase their own official kitchen and table service uniforms, as well as culinary tools and cutlery.

In addition to this degree, students may earn a second associate’s degree in Foodservice Management or Hotel-Tourism Management by taking additional credit hours. Candidates interested in earning double degrees should see a counselor or a hospitality management faculty member.