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About this course

The Health Science Technology (HST) program uses an interdisciplinary approach to health care education with a balance of academic and technical courses to prepare students to serve as practitioners in the health care industry.  The curriculum serves three main purposes including

  • completion of prerequisite courses relevant to nearly all allied health and nursing programs;
  • completion of the AAS degree, as well as three or more certificates in health care disciplines; and
  • provides a multidisciplinary alternative to the current health program inventory.  The HST program requires the completion of certificates within the health care field, which may be earned while completing the academic courses required.  These certificates will afford the student an opportunity to seek employment within the health care field while completing the HST degree.  The certificates, which are chosen by the student from MCC’s health care inventory based on personal interest, serve as career choice enhancements that may lead to entrance in a specific field of study, or given the student flexibility in choosing varying health care institutions in which to work.